Continental Western Corporation Box SuperStore
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Please note our new location:

Continental Western Corporation - (formerly AAA Box SuperStore)
5800 Clinton Drive, Houston, Texas 77020 - view on Google maps.


We carry boxes in a variety of sizes and all the necessary supplies, including packing tape, bubble cushioning and packaging peanuts. We can even make custom boxes for odd-sized items. Please feel free to contact our store at 713-863-7691.


When it comes to shipping supplies, no one does it better than the Continental Western Corporation BOX SuperStore. Not only do we carry all kinds of mailers and different sizes of Houston boxes, but also our staff is always glad to package your items for you so that you can guarantee your valuables will make it to their destination unharmed.


Getting ready for a big move? We carry packing peanuts, cardboard sheets, newsprint paper, bubble, and dish sets, making your moving experience a breeze! Dedicated to customer satisfaction, our staff knows which packing supplies works best for your furniture and household items and are eager to help simplify your moving process.


Aside from moving and shipping boxes, we have a variety of specialty boxes, such as jewelry boxes, gift boxes, and bakery boxes. This wide array of Houston boxes guarantees that you will find a box that suites your needs.

Make cwc Box SuperStore your one-stop shop for packing and moving supplies. On top of our fantastic customer service, we also have the largest selection of shipping supplies. Call 713-863-7691 or visit our store in Houston!

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  • Phone: 713-863-7691
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